Monday, November 5, 2007

Sad News

it looks like we've had our first stroke of bad luck. Our court date was wrong. Our court date is actually the 27th. It's not that big of a deal except that this pushes our travel back potentially into the first week in January. There are many families trying to get travel dates in the last week in December - to be there for Christmas which would be just amazing. i had so wanted a Christmas with our girls. New York is simply the best place to be at Christmas, and I was just positively giddy with the day-dreaming. but- bad luck is relative since nothing has happened to our daughters and everyone is healthy. That's assuming the Embassy holds to their word of only closing on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. If we don't get there before the second week in January, then we run into Epiphany (12th Night) which means that everything will close for another few weeks. That means we wouldn't get to travel until the end of January.

i mean it's just reality that there are no guarantees in adoption. i let myself get lulled into thinking we were almost there. and now, another few months.

keep praying that we somehow get to travel before the end of the year.

off to eat chocolate and cry.



Anonymous said...

I'm sorry guys. I was really hoping that you'd have gone and come back and would be spending your first Christmas with your girls. I'll keep praying for that, you never know! Love you both. Ash

Mama said...

I know this is a huge disappointment, but think how far you have come and how quickly that extra time will pass as you prepare for their homecoming. Just remember this will still be their first Christmas as your daughters (as of November 27th) and you can put up all your decorations and celebrate with them in January! Christmas is in your heart - it's not just a date on the calendar. I bet you can think of all kinds of things to do for them every single day even though they are far away - starting tomorrow, do something every day until you travel to Ethiopio to pick them up! For now, it's ok to cry. Love to you all...this includes Hilina and Tokey. Mama

Jen said...

I hope your chocolate was therapeutic. I had a cocktail and hit the hot tub :) That worked.

I'm still optimistic we'll have our embassy date the last week of December.

Anonymous said...

I love what your Mom is so awesome Emily!! and you should do just that!! I know you are disappointed but we still don't know for sure how the timing will play out so we will pray for getting our baby girls before Christmas. Hang in there and just remember you will have them for a you guys-MaMa D

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Keep hanging in there. As soon as you get those kids home, it won't matter what time of year it is, you'll be on cloud nine. :)


Anonymous said...

I am all for Christmas in January. Sad for the delay but good to find out now instead when you were further along in travel process. What an amazing year 2008 will be for the family!!