Thursday, December 6, 2007

trip to the nooga

a few weeks ago i went home for an entire week! it's the most time i've spent there in a few years and it was very very fun and busy and just so amazing. i still don't feel like i got to really catch up with everyone but there were tears and lots of jokes and a few beers too.
i got to see mary (and baby) and henry

and went with friends to some old haunts which are now haunted by very young people who crush beer cans on their heads.

laughed while asher had his first bath

they threw us a babies shower at kiko and vincent's

i got to drive up lookout mountain for church at rock creek


Anonymous said...

I want those friends! I want them to be my friends too. Look at how cute you all are.


Jennifer & Ty said...

This doesn't relate to this particular post but I have a question. We are adopting from Ethiopia through CHI. Did you request twins or did it just happen? It has always been my dream to have twins. Your girls are beautiful.

Jennifer Cofield
email -

Jennifer & Ty said...

Sorry about the ignorance there...I should have read your blog more throughly before my comment. You are truely blessed with two gorgeous girls. Bless you all...