Tuesday, January 15, 2008

more photos from the cozy place

we had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Christine and Betty whom we quickly dubbed the Belgian Grandmothers. They doted and loved on our babies (and were life-savers while we were sick and recovering even holding the water up to our mouths to make us drink). Today they forwarded us some of their pictures.Christine's daughter has been working at S.O.S EE Arba Minch where Saida is from - it's such a small world.
ben and hilina

grandma betty and saida

in the big room

grandma christine


Cloverland Farm said...

fab! fab! fab!
we're coordinating some supper for y'all...looking forward to hearing all about it (if you want to tell the story for the nth time).
xolaura and bearden

Mike & Jo said...

Your daughters are absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Our Ethiopian Journey... said...

Your little girls are precious!