Monday, December 8, 2008

tree trimming and yummy food.

we had a great time putting up the tree. thanksgiving was pretty hard for us, being away from our families. we went down to our landlord's for thanksgiving dinner (which was so yummy) in the evening. but before that, i'll admit, i was pretty sad. ben sent me out to go to a movie by myself so i could have a break and on the train i decided i would go get our tree instead. so i got off, bought a push cart, a 7 foot tree, and hoped for the best getting on the bus. i wasn't sure the driver would let me on, and was prepared to walk the few miles home. but he was feeling the christmas spirit and i was home in no time flat to surprise everyone. ben was most surprised (the girls were kinda scared, actually) and i think pretty grateful that he didn't have to go get it.
our great friends, the aplins came over the following day with their little girl susannah for snacks and tasty beverages. i love the tree. it's my favorite part of christmas. my grandmother, helen, was an amazing needle-pointer and hand-made most of the ornaments on our tree. handy, since they aren't breakable. although, the girls haven't paid too much attention to the tree thankfully. we blocked it off anyway. and then saturday i made thanksgiving dinner for the five of us. i got ben good. we went around saying what we were thankful for (for the girls we suggested what they might be grateful for - books, each other, raf raf, judah, etc). and then when it was my turn i announced that i am especially thankful for the baby i have in my tummy. his upper lip started sweating - it was awesome. (i'm not, by the way).

putting the lights on

tangled up in lights

tree trimming with the aplins

hanging an ornament

i do love our tree

our first thanksgiving - just the 5 of us

dinner in front of the tree

and the stockings were hung


Emily said...

I love the picture of you guys eating in front of the tree. It is just so festive! We missed you too! Just think how many traditions you are beginning for your family...making special memories for your children. I love that you included one of our traditions, hanging their first booties on the tree. I love you all. Mama

Emily said...

Forgot to say this: What could be more perfect than Christmas with three babies!

Anonymous said...

love the tree....thanks soooo much for uploading new pics to flicker...I've wanted to ask but didn't have the heart...i'm so excited to order new pics
love ya...can't wait to see you guys...only 5 more days...yeah!!!

Beth and Ben said...

Your tree really is beautiful and I love the stockings too! The Thomases rock.