Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Solie Eden Thomas

Born 9/30/10
7lb 3 oz

I am so happy I was able to have a successful vbac and an extremely short labor in the middle of a tropical storm. And exceedingly thankful my mom and sister were there with us to welcome her into the spinning world. We are so happy she has come!

This is a video I took of her in the middle of the night. I love how she looks from her hand to me and back again. Happy accidents. Her dad calls her "the rose of beauty bare" but I think she sort of looks like a turtle. A beautiful little turtle.

Hilina, Saida and Judah have handled all the changes remarkably well. Saida especially has fallen completely in love with her baby sister and Judah hasn't tried to eat her or give her away so we are grateful for small miracles.

2 days old

Father and daughter

Saida and Solie

Multitasking before naps


paige said...

Congratulations, sweet family. What a beauty she is!

Xander and Alana Cole-Faber said...

I love it. I can't wait to see you guys! We gotta do that sometime.

You know, I'm not sure if I want three kids, but sometimes I feel curious about what it's like to know a child from his/her first minutes. We'll see if my curiosity ever gets the better of me...

Deb, Russ, Lily, Lucy and Lainey said...

She is so beautiful. Cannot wait to hold her and see her... Saida looks totally in love with her baby sista!! I love the pic of you with all the children... what a great Multi-tasker you are!! You have a beautiful family. I love the pic or Solie and Ben.. Priceless... That needs to be framed with out a doubt.
Love Grammy Deb AKA....Carol