Saturday, September 1, 2007

mini west indies day parade

we woke up kind of late this morning, and this is what was outside our front door.

this stilt walker is from haiti, they were amazing, my favorites - i can't believe how well they can actually DANCE on these things.

this little girl, representing Trinidad, was feeling so pretty, you can just tell...

the west indies day parade is the largest parade in the world, and is actually on monday. these shots are from the children's parade today which ran down our street for the first time in about 10 years. it was a happy (and extremely loud) surprise this morning. the weather was absolutely perfect...

the adult parade is too much, so many people you can't even enjoy the beautiful costumes. we're off to a bbq across the street. one of the downfalls of the parade is that the whole neighborhood gets kinda shut down in terms of subway and bus access. fortunately for us, we have great neighbors and plenty of bbqs to get us through to Tuesday (our anniversary)!

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