Thursday, May 1, 2008

more trouble every second

can you find saida in this picture? she's stuck inside the toy basket.

she gulps down her bottles in like 5 seconds and then chucks it across the room while letting out an earth shattering screech of pleasure. even hilina gets scared, and we hear it all day.

gone are her slugish days. between "swimming" all over the apartment and this whole standing thing, she is really becoming active. she wanted me to hold her the other day and i was tired so i made her drag herself across the living room before i would pick her up. now, where is my mother of the year award? for those of you who've met her, you can understand when i say it's just a matter of time before she catapults herself over the railing of her crib. she's a springboard.

a nightly ritual. i watch jeopardy to keep my wits about me, and she winds down by laying her head on my stomach. it recharges us both, i think.

i'm not sure if she likes this so much because she can hear benny or because it's so pillow-like


amanda said...

oh my goodness, i just want to eat saida up! i just love her laying her head on your belly... what a great picture. you know, we might need to send saida down to our house once benny comes into this world. she and ivy can 'get wild' together! love you lots !

Cloverland Farm said...

so sweet. i LOVE that first picture. hysterical! they're getting big!

Jennifer & Ty said...

I cannot get over how precious your girls are... What a great picture. :0)

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! I love it! What a perfect nightly ritual, I can't imagine a better one.


Shiri said...

Ok, I'm kind of addicted to your blog, but the pic of Saida on your belly might be my favorite yet. And its not like I'm making everyone who loves you at MJH look at the pics... no, not at all!

paige said...

I can't decide which picture I love the best--the belly shot, or the toybox. There's something so endearing about the little feet stuck up in the air. Such lovely girls, x 2!