Monday, May 5, 2008

h is for happy, most of the time

this picture is for my mom (and all the people at mom's work, hi!) - see how she's playing with both hands now?!?!???! hilina has erb's palsy which for her means she's super weak on her right side from about the waist up. probably she was stuck in the birth canal and when she was pulled out some nerve damage was accidentally done. she's in therapy 4-5 times a week and it's really helping. early intervention is a wonderful resource for us, especially since they come to us!

now, if only we could get her to understand that the therapy is good for her...alas, she hates it. our therapist is just as nice as she can be and spends so much time trying to love on her and help her and hilina just loses it as soon as she sees her. she's even started doing this thing when she's really mad where she trills her tongue - think of trying to roll your r in spanish - she does it when she's so mad about the therapy, and in a few years she'll replace it with door slamming when we say she can't go to a concert in manhattan by herself.

cracking herself up. this is just how she is most of the time. laughing and happy. it's awesome.


the hf and the hd (right, mary? where's hb?)

she laughs hysterically when ben throws her in the air. once i figure out how to take a video with my new camera, i will do another video of her laughing. because then if you are having a bad day, you can listen to her giggling, and you'll feel so much better.


amanda said...

what a little mush ball! i just love her! can't wait to see the video of her laughing! and by the way, i want to see your belly !!!
love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Little Hilina is so precious, seriously. I had no idea about the palsy. I'm sure she'll fly through therapy with flying colors. She's a bright one.

Can't wait to see the vid.


Beth and Ben said...

They are growing up so fast! Makes me a little teary. Will I see you at Dr. M's tomorrow? 1:30 ?

Anonymous said...

This time next week I'll be smooching her little tummy. I can't wait! Belly rubs for you and kisses for the girls. Love you guys!