Wednesday, September 10, 2008

guest blogger: excerpts from the album, "ethiopia, the country"

if you all are as sick of seeing our living room as anna and i are, then please take a look at some brand new pictures of vast, open spaces in a far away country. these pictures are from an album of mine i took in ethiopia while anna was puking her guts out during her first trimester with judah and multiple bouts of food poisoning. i felt kind of guilty leaving her in the room and exploring villages on my own, but she pretty much made me and i'm very thankful for that. it was sad though, returning to our dank rooms in the middle of nowhere, seeing her sweating and shivering under a dim, hanging light bulb, in cots on a cement floor. i swear i felt like i was in the english patient more than once.

these 11 photos are for all those adoptive families getting reading to travel to ethiopia. jouir de la beauté.

remnants of a castle, gondar

orthodox burial ground, lalibela

blind street beggar and beautiful girl, lalibela

the goha hotel, (amazing), gondar

toukoul orphanage, (where we first met saida & hilina), addis ababa

after the christmas slaughter, goat's blood on pavement, addis ababa

orthodox priest, lalibela

rock-hewn church and home of above priest, lalibela

addis ababa




kristine said...

Thank-you for the stunning photos! We have a long time before we go to Ethiopia so these are lovely to visit.

Life in the Bend said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! We went to Lalibela too and it was so beautiful - our pictures aren't nearly as good though. I also get sick of looking at our living room (especially since it seems like the only time we manage to take pictures of our kids is when we're at home in that room! I swear we get out sometimes!).

Jesi and Joe said...

Wow. FABULOUS photos. Thanks for sharing. Poor Anna... we didn't have morning sickness to contend with, but suffered through the morning sickness and she was a TROOPER to get through all that!

paige said...

Wow--those photos are gorgeous!!!

Do you have many more of Toukoul--I'm trying to keep track of a girl I met.

Xander and Alana Cole Faber said...

Beautiful, Ben! Thanks for the photos. We can't wait to go! It will be awhile . . . .

Sarah said...

those pictures make my heart hurt- they are so beautiful and I want to go back so badly. Thanks for sharing.

Josh, Amy, Olivia, Josiah said...

AWESOME pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!