Wednesday, September 3, 2008

labor day weekend

oh what a weekend! friday we had visitors stopping by all day which i love because it makes my day go so much faster. the boy came over and saida was following him everywhere and he was so tolerant except when she grabbed his shirt to keep from falling over. toddlers don't like to have their clothes pulled because this also happened with another little boy on sunday who face masked her. i think she learned her lesson.

and then saturday was the children's parade which saida and judah slept through and hilina looked like she would have rather joined them. but i just love it except sadly there were no stilt walkers this year which is my favorite. but managed to get some fun pictures nonetheless.

then sunday we packed up all the kids and went over to our friend's house for homemade pasta and 3 different kinds of delicious sauces. mmmmmmm. i could eat erin's pasta every day. mmmmmmmm.

jerah made saida the movie star she so wants to be. God help us.
we made it home just in time for them to close the parade route so the NYPD could set up so that ALL the traffic was re-routed down our little side street. which also happens to have a fire station on it. which means the bumper to bumper traffic that was outside for 4 hours blocked the firetrucks who were so frustrated they just laid on their horns with the sirens blaring until about 5 in the morning. yeah, i know you're all jealous.
needless to say on monday we all camped out and watched the us open and napped off and on.
a perfect weekend. four labor days ago (just 4 years!) we were married, so i guess that was the perfect weekend. but this one with our family was a close second.

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Mike & Jo said...

So cute, so cute. Ashton would love to have some friends along while apple picking and we have extra room...if you're up for a Hudson Valley adventure just let me know, could be a fantastic BBQ in the mix!

(if you're up for a fall fruit/veggie picking weekend shoot me an email, we'll sort it out: