Monday, January 5, 2009

christmas part 1 of 3 north carolina!

my sister came and picked the kids and i up in virginia to bring us home for a few days. i didn't seem to take many pictures because i was short an extra set of hands as ben was still in the city hard at work. i didn't get any of the kids uncles - my brother, and uncle sean who was so sweet with my girls especially, snuggling them while watching the simpsons. my brother is known in our family as the baby whisperer but judah is still so chill that his services weren't required as much. i was so happy to be home even if for such a short time. i never lived there (my family ended up there) but as an army brat i really couldn't care less "where" home is so long as my family is there.
grandma emmy

here's my mom apologizing to judah for his big head (i think my poor uterus deserves an apology too)

grandma donna and "balthy" as he is affectionately known

peyton swinging

hilina and ash

hilina and bryce (bryce is my cousin's son which makes him my second cousin, right? so that makes him the kid's...third cousin? second cousin once removed? absolutely adorable? yes!

trying to open presents.

my family is so awesome they had christmas dinner early so the kids and i could be there!


stephanie said...

I've enjoyed your blog for quite some time but don't think I've ever told you. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family. family

Jennifer said...

Just to clarify the confusing cousin thing... Your 1st cousin's son is your 1st cousin once removed. He and your kids are 2nd cousins. It's a generational thing. The same generations are 1st, 2nd, or 3rd cousins. Between generations is when the "once removed" comes to play.

Anonymous said...

i am loving all of these and must say that little j sure can rock a sweater vest. miss you guys and see you soon. beth