Saturday, February 14, 2009

the content of our winter

winter is long, cold and snowy in new york.


and you may wonder what exactly it is i do for 10 hours a day with the kids while ben is working away.

you have story hour on the bed

when it's over 40 out, you bundle up and head to the park

you have a friend over

you let her steal a kiss

you cheer on our new President!

you try new foods

you play dress up

and then you laugh at how silly you look

you play eye-spy out of the window.

you watch the snow fall

you play with each other - although judah doesn't look so happy here, he usually loves attention from his sisters and is all smiles when they're around

and you let mama take lots of pictures to appease the grandparents :)


amanda said...

omg! i love them so much!! i love the pics and the kiddos! just so yummy! i miss you guys! (all the explanation marks are for ben :) )

Xander and Alana Cole Faber said...

These are great! It's so strange, but even though none of them are biologically related, they just look like they belong together. (Maybe it's because I've seen so many photos.) You're going to have to give me some good advice about how to entertain babies indoors next winter, I think. I'm really worried. We still have at least a month and a half of winter left. I have no idea what I'm going to do during those weeks when it's -20 out!

Anonymous said...

i love that picture of Saida with her hand on her mouth, she's so photogenic. smooch them all for me and tell them i miss them and will see them soon (hopefully May), Ash

Please Press Pause said...

The pictures out your window makes me miss Brooklyn sooooo much! Your babies all have such wonderfully cherubic cheeks, extremely photogenic:)

Deb, Russ, Lily and Lucy said...

The pics are great. Judah is growing up quickly and so handsome... he looks like you, Anna... The snow is beautiful. Saida and Hilina are so beautiful. I know you are so ready for spring, as I am, too. Miss you guys and love you ALL-

Beth and Ben said...

do you think they know that they are betrothed? these photos make winter seem beautiful and not so bad!