Friday, February 6, 2009

christmas in february, i'm sorry, no excuses.

saida and lainey

probably my favorite picture from christmas. thanks to aiden for letting saida play with his armor!

this is the closest we could get to a picture of all the kids in their pjs

uncle sam and the poods.

you might remember kusha from the bathtub photos. he and saida LOVE each other so much. they chase each other and then scream and run.

our last night there we threw a little party

roshi and judah

father and son.

ben and his mama

ben was pretty excited that the very hungry caterpillar became a butterfly.

pretty excited about the whole thing

15 people, 8 kids, christmas morning- it was awesome!

judah slept through the whole thing in his car seat so we wouldn't loose him in the wrapping paper.

christmas morning, judah being swarmed by all the little girls.


Deb, Russ, Lily and Lucy said...

Anna and Ben
What wonderful pictures of our holiday together. Yes, "Judah" was the star. It was crazy but yet so calming to have all "our Children" home for Christmas. I will never forget this time and it is in bedded into my heart forever. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us-
Mom d

Anonymous said...

That looks like sooooooo much fun. I love all their matching PJs, what a cute idea!

Totten said...

Ben and Anna,

it randomly popped into my head to check out your blog today. Good gravy, y'all got a sweet family! Hope all is well.