Friday, April 3, 2009

judah crawls!

It's been big week here! I now have 3 very mobile children... I've forgotten so quickly what it is to chase after a baby who's suddenly on the move. He's into everything, and maybe I will get some flack for this, but I do think boys are different than girls. He has no fear of crawling over anyone or anything to get to what he's got his eye on. And even better is that when I tell him no, he sits up, smiles, and laughs. It's actually pretty adorable and I melt every time... "oh sure, baby, you can pull the computer off the table, ok..." i challenge you to watch this video and see if you could muster up a firm no.


Beth and Ben said...

omg! i heart judah. does he give lessons?

Anonymous said...

Uh yeah, I couldn't say no to him either. So cute!

paige said...

Happy, happy birthday, ma'am!!!

I hope your sweet children all decide to move in the same direction for you today. It seems like the best gift they could give!

Thanks for my well-wishes--it was loverly!