Thursday, April 16, 2009

the vipers in diapers...

my friend beth, the one i keep talking about? well she kindly babysat for us last weekend and made an observation that warmed my heart... we had put judah down for the night before we left and were letting the girls run off their dinner before she put them down and she said judah was just beside himself (i'm getting to the heartwarming part, trust me) but that once the girls were in there with him, she never heard a peep out of him. she said she can tell already that they're functioning as a little unit. i'm thinking of starting a band... we had our first rehersal on the evening of my birthday when we realized our children were in desperate need of a bath and some post-bath songs.

the girls are absolutely thrilled that 'all of the 5 little ducks came back' YAYYYYYYYY! judah looks like he's trying really hard not to roll his eyes at them. could it be? why yes, it is...A BEN LOOK!

have you ever seen someone 'wash the spider out' with such gusto? impressive, if i do say so myself.

how big is saida? 'shhaaaa beeeeee' apparently.

3 peas in a pod, errr, tub.

father and son

and just in case you were wondering...
scratchy throat? check! watery eyes? check! flowers in bloom? check! TWO consecutive days in the seventies? CHECK CHECK CHECK! spring is here and we couldn't be happier!


paige said...

Astrid Meklit loves your duck babies. She asks about them every day. I think the cheery pictures get her--I know they get me!

Julia said...

Geez, this is a small world. I was just looking through a random blog roll, thought "Triple, that sounds interesting" and then happened to notice your birthday pictures and thought, "Wow in that one picture she looks just like Chris' friend Anna that I haven't seen in lo, these many years." Upon closer inspection, with the 'nooga references and the fact that I discovered your name to be, um, Anna. I realized you are one and the same.

And I'm adopting a 7 yr old from Ethiopia. Seriously? How weird is that?

anna and ben said...

Hi julia, I've been thinking and thinking and trying to place you but I just can't. Chris who? Too many chris out there! Good luck with your adoption, and small world indeed!