Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my oldest is two!

flying above coney island

my cancers having their birthday pancakes

her first ride

on our way to the wonder wheel

watching a rainbow from their room with poppop and gaga

sliding with dada and judah

cooling her feet

at the natural history museum

lunch in central park

two year olds have sass

summer evening picnic

prospect park carousel

the rose garden


Cloverland Farm said...

she is so beautiful. would love to see yall soon.

Xander and Alana said...

Oh my. She's so big. I'm stunned. I guess I'd seen pictures on FB, but these are just amazing. It makes me realize we're going to have to really slow down and pay attention when our kids come, because it goes by so fast.

jandkland said...

Beautiful pictures. Hilina is absolutely stunning. Happy birthday to a much-loved little girl!

--Kelley in GA

paige said...

Happy happy birthday, baby!!!

She is magnificent!

paige said...

Hey! Your cub scout is one. melkam lidet Judah!