Tuesday, February 26, 2008

adoption and getting social security #s

this post is mostly for the families in brooklyn who are adopting and read our blog. when it comes time to get the dreaded SSN for your taxes which you must have to submit, remember this post.
you will think, oh, but when we came through immigration we checked the box that said "yes, please issue a social security number." well, that only applies to people over 18. so then you will dig out the folder your agency gave you about how to get a SSN and it won't make any sense. so here's what you do.

go down to the social security office on fulton and flatbush ext. if you live in brooklyn, you must go to this office not a manhattan office. take with you all your adoption paperwork that they gave you in ethiopia and your own ID. take water and any other reinforcements to eat in line because you will be in line 3-4 hours. all they will ask for is their passports. the visa your child was issued is the key. i would have all your adoption paperwork anyway, but all they asked for were their visas that are plastered in their passports. i was worried because hilina's greencard hasn't arrived yet. but, again, all they asked for were the passports so don't forget them! they should arrive in 2 weeks.

also, once you re-adopt, you have to go back down and change their paperwork from perm. resident to US citizen. the number won't change, just their status. and if you are planning on changing their name, you will have to go down there for that too.

good luck!

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Cloverland Farm said...

good info. don't delete your blog b/c i'll need this info in like 20 mos.