Monday, February 4, 2008

ticklish much?


when ben gets home from work he runs for the girls (and i run for the door - just kidding, sort of :). He is the only one who can get Hilina to laugh like this, I think it's too funny.


Corrie said...

Hey Beauts. P'rock's mom recently directed me to your site. So glad to see how this is unfolding. The girls are so cute! No, not standard flattery, they are real charmers. And you two seem super happy. It's great to see. Heap o' blessing on your heads.

Anonymous said...

so sweet, ben that is awesome you can still charm the ladies!!
love you guys! amanda

Our Ethiopian Journey... said...

That is adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute Anna! If you have time... I would like to pick your brain sometime about Ethiopia and your experience with Dove. -Erin