Sunday, November 2, 2008

best of edition

i was uploading photos from my phone into iphoto, and somehow pictures i thought had been lost in a phone mishap suddenly showed up. it was funny to watch them upload because it was totally out of order and one would be saida drinking from a bottle (seems like so long ago) and another of judah 3 days old. i present to you, the best of the camera phone pictures:
when she was still small enough to fit in the bumbo. look what a chub-rock she was.

totally asleep like his uncle matt.

i love this picture.

typical morning and a great attitude from me as always. i was sweet and kind each day of my pregnancy.


oh, hilina. yikes, baby.

christmas tree in gondar, ethiopia. looks like they just threw the decorations on and said ah! perfect!


amanda said...

these pics are GREAT! i love the tree and your comments... you make me laugh all the time anna! love you

Kiko and/or Vincent said...

Dude, are you feeding your kids? Saidi looks so sad.

bethany weaver said...

i love saida's faces. they make me laugh every time!