Saturday, November 1, 2008

it's already november, wha?!?!!?!

i know, i know, you're hungry for pictures. well, here check these two out:

is that better? heeheee. anyway, haven't been posting much because, guess what?!?!?! no, i am not pregnant. but i am having knee surgery on tuesday! whoo-hooo! so life's been a little complicated as of late, but workable as it somehow always is. it's just not possible to explain to little babies that mama's in a lot of pain and can you please not jump on my knee, thanks. i've tried every which way but loose and they just have the memory of a gnat. it's got me thinking though, this surgery, about our year. and how if you told me last year at this time that i would bring home two babies, learn how to be a parent while pregnant, move, find out my oldest has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, have to deliver via c-section, worry about the financial collapse (the russians are optimistic), and have knee surgery while taking care of 3 babies, i would have taken a rain check for the year 2008. the craziest thing is, this has been the best year of my life. my most freaking awesome friend grace has a photo album called, "i really love my kids" and there are so many times that phrase runs through my head. yesterday morning i had all the babies in bed with me. it was cold outside but the radiators were on, i had my coffee on the dresser next to me and everyone was in their pjs reading an easter book over and over and i thought to myself for like the millionth time, i really love my kids.

last weekend our friend hosted a party and all five of us went. there aren't very many good pictures because we were having so much fun we forgot to take a lot. it's funny, with the bum knee i get out even less (though we have established date nights on thursday and we go out for like 3 whole hours, it's awesome). i digress. my point is, i think i've forgotten how to conduct myself in public - catch many flies?
we had a great time at the party, here saida is literally bouncing off the walls:
she's discovered chase, although sometimes she gets so excited she gets confused and runs to you instead of away. hilina has started getting in on the action although it's not pictured here because she was busy stalking sam the cat. she'd never seen a cat before i realized and was fascinated.

GaGa is here saving the week AGAIN. her amazing super powers conjured up like 40 coolers worth of food. mmmmm food. she and PopPop helped us go to the children's parade in park slope yesterday. i have a ton of pictures to upload - it was really a lot of fun once the girls stopped being scared of each other dressed in costume. i wish i had gotten a video of earlier in the week when we tried their costumes on them. when they looked in the mirror, they laughed and laughed. but when they turned and looked at each other - oh the horror!

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Tionna said...

My name is Tionna and my husband Ben and I are going to be adopting from Ethiopia. We are looking into using Dove and possibly doing "twinning". I recently found your blog and saw that you used Dove and did "twinning". I was wondering if I could e-mail you privately some of our questions regarding Dove and "twinning"? Thanks so much!!

Tionna Galizio