Wednesday, November 12, 2008

much belated halloween photos

one proud flamingo

poppop and the queen of the jungle

our ferocious lion?

look at that tail!

sweet saida. this was before she was decided the parade was okay and took off trying to steal candy out of big kid's buckets

sunset on the walk to the parade

before the parade

the grumpy pumpkin


Mike & Jo said...

Love all 3 outfits - and the grumpy pumpkin doesn't look grumpy at all to me, he just looks a little jealous that his big sisters can grab candy out of the big kid's baskets and he can't yet :)

T.R. said...

Your children are gorgeous!

courtney rose said...

Just like I've always said... grumpy pumpkins are the best kind of pumpkins.

paige said...

No tricks, just treats here--your children are D-lish!!!