Monday, October 20, 2008

showing off his head control and some other stuff

i know i am partial being he's my baby, but look how handsome he is!

hilina looking too grown up

saida stuck in the bumbo


Emily said...

They are too cute for words!

amanda said...

look at my little man in the bumbo!!! he's growing up too fast

paige said...

hilina is looking so toddlerish (in a good way, but still...)

Three little lovelies, sitting in a line.
So sweet, so pretty, how I wish they were mine!

Jen said...

Wow!!!! The girls look sooo big. Especially next to their baby brother. Cute photos.

So, the chat group on haircare I was talking about is on Yahoo called adoptionhaircare_skincare. Check it out. The photos alone will impress you. But, it's got great "starter" stuff on there and cool ideas. Take care and good luck! We think of you all often. Did I tell you we're starting the paperwork for #2??!

paige said...


You'll tell Anna on her blog comments but not share it with the rest of us. I'm so hurt (and, congratulations--I am SO excited for you!!!)

Anonymous said...

Everyone just looks so sweet and happy. I am sure they are always that way.. ;)

Love to you all

Kim and Ed