Saturday, March 1, 2008

pop pop and gaga take brooklyn(!)

ben's dad and gaga came up from richmond to spend a few days with us and rescue the girls and I from the cold. it's been a wonderful few days, the girls have been so great which might be because neither of them have a tooth coming in but is probably because pop pop and gaga brought great beach music to play. of course they just jumped right in helping with feedings (the babies and ben and i, too -- gaga filled our whole freezer with delicious food) and snuggling, and making animal noises. the girls are just crazy about them.

today we went to the botanic gardens with the snow falling and the sun shining and then ben and i got to go run errands BY OURSELVES! The best part of all of this (beside the fact that gaga cleaned my kitchen cabinets) is that I get to go back with them for a whole week tomorrow and the girls get to meet their aunt nanner and matt and aiden and ivy and their great meme!! the only part i am nervous about is the fact that they have only ever been in a car seat for 20 minutes during the ride from JFK to our house. so if you think about it, toss up a little prayer that they like it...

at the botanic gardens

baby love

sleep is good

baby love #2

gaga had the magic touch, the girls went crazy for her just laughing and giggling every time they saw her

the bens with the pancakes

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