Monday, March 24, 2008

in lieu of the easter bunny, i give you easter hound


Jen said...

I'll take Easter Hound over Easter Bunny any day. That is such a great shot. Don't you love their noses at that angle?...scrumptious :)

I love the latest photos of the girls. They get cuter with each post. Is that possible? And, their little brother is in for it. Two against one. Perhaps that's a good thing. Keep him in line, ha. Lionel and I are really happy for you and sending good thoughts your way. We hope to someday get to NY to see you four/five (six w/hound dog) and have Ms. Amara hang out. It seems so long ago that we met at Toukoul doesn't it? All is great here. Loving the little one more than ever. Take care!

p.s. I predicted a boy :)

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog about your girls and fell in love with them. Once I continued reading I realized that your hubby is from my neck of the woods. I'm in Blacksburg, Go Hokies!! What a small world!

Leslie Nelson

Anonymous said...

Ditch the Bunny, believe in the Hound.