Tuesday, March 25, 2008

things i am tired of

1. people telling me not to bend over
2. people telling me not to pick up the babies too much while i'm pregnant
3. people telling me to make sure to bundle my kids up
4. people telling me they know someone who got pregnant as soon as they adopted
5. my landlords
6. packing
7. constantly being hungry
8. winter
9. winter
10. packing in the winter

when your life gets spun in a certain direction, and you end up pregnant with two babies, you don't have the option of, say, not bending over, or not picking up your baby who just woke up from their nap. and then when your landlords essentially force you out because they don't like the sound of your kid crying, and you have to pack your house while you're pregnant and caring for two babies, you get a little grumpy. especially when it's the end of march and 39 degrees outside.


Anonymous said...

Anna...I just love you ...

Anonymous said...

I know you are just plain tired of winter, and mean landlords, and being pregnant, and winter, and packing, and the demands of motherhood, and winter ..... but I am so happy (selfish, I know) that you and Ben have brought those sweet, adorable little pancakes into our lives! I can't help but smile every time I visit your blog. I love you. Mama

fully operational battle station said...

Seriously? I can't believe that! Can't you sue that bastard Landlord or something for baby discrimination?

You can do it. You rock.


Jesi and Joe said...

Hang in there Anna! You're doing such an incredible job with your adorable pancakes... including the littlest one growing bigger inside you every day! Your ease of transition into motherhood has been inspiring for me to watch... we should be bringing our twins home in 3 or so weeks and I hope I handle it with half the grace of you and Ben!

Cloverland Farm said...

hang in there. let us know if we can help (we have a car).

Beth and Ben said...

I go crazy every March in New York--no provocation by babies, landlords or nosy people necessary. See you tomorrow for some girl time.

Xander and Alana Cole Faber said...

Ohmigod! Isn't that illegal?! New York landlords are universally hated for just this reason. Geez, Anna, I'm so sorry. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

but what a great opportunity to move to Virginia....just a thought. Trimble.

MaryPaul said...

Your landlords are wretched.