Tuesday, March 4, 2008

guest blogger, also known as, husband

as some of you may know, i've been home alone with hound dog spending the last two evenings oscillating between staring at him during our long conversations about the democratic primaries (tell me hound, tell me, will it be hillary or barack?) and repainting the nursery because my landlord's wife is a PITA. look at me already adept at kid language. well, come to find out my wife is having the time of her life with my sister in virginia. i just got off the phone with them and neither one of them could put a real sentence together. in fact, all i could really make out between machine gun laughter and occasional snorts was that they were bracing themselves for the tornado scheduled to hit them at 9pm tonight. between the two of them with husbands out of town, four kids just bathed and put to sleep, and their mutual love for the weather channel, i'm thinking i got the sweet end of this deal.

which reminds me of the last time they went crazy. here they are looking so pleasant last vacation before a charades meltdown.

although anna lost her marbles again way more recently.

i'll let you know how they are when i see them this weekend. meanwhile, all is cool in brooklyn. rest assured - hound is still clinically depressed.


Anonymous said...


You are TOO funny!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! that was hilarious!!! I just heard from Anna that Amanda gathered her and all the kids and shuffled them down to the storm seller last night due to the the possiblilty of a falling tree during said tornados.....they have the strangest weather at that house......I'm pretty sure that they finished off the rest of the mac and cheese that Meme brought to richmond...and the corn...and the green beans....heeeeee....give hound hugs and kisses from GaGa

p-roc's mom said...

Tornado? Aack, what if they become disoriented? Looks like it might be too late...

So you're saying you want to come over and watch Lost with us tonight?

MaryPaul said...

poor hound, he looks so sad.