Wednesday, March 19, 2008


many of you are aware that i married into a circus sideshow, but for those of you who are hearing this for the first time, let me introduce you to the cast of characters... the following photos are from what should have been a simple lunch at amanda's (ben's sister) who was kind enough to allow us to take over her house.

here she is with hilina during the five minute break when it wasn't raining. we threw jackets on all the kids and ran for our lives - it's so much quieter when kids yell outside
this is amanda's husband matt - he loves cake and children

this is my mushy nephew aiden - like father, like son.
here's ms. ivy mae - she looks like she wants out!

here's ben, hiding outside with saida - she looks shocked that there are people louder than her...

here i am with ben's mom's girls lily and lucy. shortly after this photo was taken lily had the great idea of actually licking any missed icing off her plate. i'm not proud to say that my hormones got the best of me and i actually joined her.

here's mama d. with probably the only sane members of the sideshow - lucy and hilina.
and finally, this is the poor kitchen after our "let's-just-keep-it-simple-and-do-sandwiches" brainstorm.

i accept no responsibility for the plate of orange danishes.


Our Ethiopian Journey... said...

That looks like a Fabulous time!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! The girls look amazing! And congrats on getting the news that it's a BOY! :)

Please email me. I have a question for you,



Anonymous said...

Anna you are a writer for sure...Ben better watch that... She has one up on you.... thanks for sharing... it was an awesome weekend... love the girls they are so you ALL???
mom D

Beth and Ben said...

Are those the incredible orange danishes that come from a can? The ones I ate for breakfast growing up?
They are in little pre-cut swirls and you put them in the oven for like 10 minutes and have to stop yourself from eating all the icing while they cook. And then you put the icing on and it melts everywhere and then 10 more minutes goes by and then they are all gone? Man, too bad Key Food isn't open at 12:57 a.m.