Wednesday, April 2, 2008

elusive shot: two smiling babies

i think everyone who doesn't have kids is a little smug when they see parents making total asses out of themselves to try and get their kids to smile for a picture. and then they have their own kids and it's all rooster crows and bird whistles and in the case of hilina pretending to cough (this cracks her up). i wish there was a soundtrack to this shoot.

and this photo is for those who have wondered if indeed it looks like i swallowed a balloon. this is my belly when i was around 20 weeks.


MaryPaul said...

i hope you will post more tummy pictures. also, hilina's face in the 3rd photo is hilarious.

Life in the Bend said...

Yes! It's so true about the noises we make while getting a good picture!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Cute kiddos and belly! -Erin