Tuesday, April 15, 2008

evil landlord strikes again

so the evil landlords aren't giving us our deposit back even after they said they would. even though we had it all worked out and he said it was fine for us to move out in the middle of the month. the apartment was so clean, i wasted so much time trying to make sure that he couldn't fault us for anything because i was stupid enough to take him at his word that he would never be "the kind of person who would do something like that." i never really understood why david was always asking god to do bad things to his enemies. but it's 12:15 am and I can't sleep because i'm just astounded that there are people this horrible in the world. people that harass a new mom with two babies when she is pregnant. i mean who steals $1,000 from a couple who spent their life savings on adoption? what's wrong with them? and can i sit outside next week when they have the open house for the apartment warning people not to move in? oh wait, you didn't know? WE FREAKING MOVED NEXT DOOOR and have to see both of them ALL THE TIME and they pretend like everything is ok. and i'm all, it's not ok! you are really bad people.

i'll post some pictures sometime soon. when i can find the usb cable.


Anonymous said...

I'll be right there with a big can of "what the f is wrong with you people?" followed by a big bowl of kharma. Geez...mean people suck

Mike & Jo said...

I'm with anonymous - I know you're not supposed to wish bad karma on people but in this case I think it's completely justified. If you need help with the move we'd be happy to introduce ourselves and lend a hand, always fun to meet other NY couples who have adopted from Ethiopia. Your girls are gorgeous!

fully operational battle station said...

What frickin rotten nincompoops! Talk to them again. And again. And again after that. Bug them until they give in.


paige said...

We moved out of our place in Chicago (a month early) to coincide with the spring move-in date (thereby making it easier for the landlord to rent). I also screened potential tenants and did walk-throughs (because said landlord lived in the burbs and was a commercial pilot, so his hours were a bit wonky). To thank us, he also kept our deposit. You have my deepest empathy!