Wednesday, April 16, 2008

first things first: this is what my house looked like on sunday when we woke up.

and this morning i unpacked my last box before ben left for work. we haven't hung anything on the walls yet, but still...that makes me a total badass

although, i did not know your forearms could get sunburned by pushing a stroller

i think god knew i was as sick of the weather as you all, and so my birthday dawned sunny and ended up being the warmest day of the year since october. i wore flip flops and the girls and i went on a picnic with our friends. it was freaking perfect.

the girls were as excited as i was

p.s. thanks for all the emails about my landlord, i'm glad you all hate him as much as i do. somehow, it helps.


Life in the Bend said...

The woodwork in your new place looks amazing. I'm a little late, but I hate your landlord on your behalf as well. What a tool.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You look so much more pregnant than the photo a couple of weeks ago! Are you sure you have that due date right? Ha! You described it to me perfectly - as if you had just swallowed a basketball! I love it! And I love you! By the way, the new apartment looks so familiar....

Love to you all. Mama

Anonymous said...

I love their little bows in their hair, the look so pumpkin-y.

And your forearm looks painful. Haven't you heard of the devastating effects of un-protected forearm stroller walking?


Beth and Ben said...

hairbows! bellies! birthday! new apartment! can't wait to catch up with you. beth

marshall&emily said...

I hope our landlord doesn't turn out to be like that too. I'm counting on getting my deposit back. On a happier note- it's amazing what feats pregnant women are capable of. Progesterone is a wonderful drug. I'm not currently pregnant, but I'm a user:-)

Molly S. said...

Hi Anna! Alana pointed me towards your blog. First of all, your landlord is pure evil. A well-placed dirty diaper on your old landlord's stoop could really get the message across. Second and most importantly, your daughters are absolutely beautiful! I love the giggling video and the surprising smile picture.


Cloverland Farm said...

super impressed with your super mom abilities!
loving your blog. :)
started travel shots today. :(