Thursday, July 3, 2008


courtney rose said...

I saw some pics of your 4th of July adventure over at cloverland's... looked like you guys had a great time! As I "told" her- yet another reason why I want to visit New York.

I've gotta know- where did you get those cute, CUTE diaper covers that Saida was wearing? I must have some. Even if we get a boy. ;-)

One more thing- keep up the mantra. That baby boy is just going to slide right out with the most perfect head ever.

Jen said...

I'm loving all the photos you're posting. Too cute. And, yes, I'm praying for a small, bullet-shaped baby for you, fast labor, easy-shmeezy. I think of you all often. Did I tell you we're talking about doing adoption #2, from Ethiopia? Yup, can't stop the momentum now. Anyway, sending you lots of love and good energy. Take care!!

Beth and Ben said...

that's so great.. looks like Saida is showing Lanice a few things about delivery!