Wednesday, July 9, 2008

breakfast at wimbledon

what can i say? ben loves tennis. so watching the williams' final was of course a family event. and what a match! it started with homemade blueberry pancakes.

hilina found them tasty, too.

ben, not so secretly, cannot wait for the day when he can take the girls to the tennis court. he particularly thinks saida will be a tennis star. i wonder what she thinks about that?

serena opened the match with a beating.
come on venus!

and come on she did. all the way to the trophy. hilina was proud.

all that textbook tennis got saida in the teaching mood. so she decided to help our doula point out what birthing a baby is really like.

diagram 1: "the finer points of labor"

all those pancakes, excellent tennis, and rhythmic birth breathing, left me feelin' the spirit.

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