Monday, July 21, 2008

the g says guh, the g says guh, every letter makes a sound the g says guh - like GaGa

gaga came to save me. for an entire week. it was the greatest week ever because when you are nesting without central air it's less like "why isn't my linen closet straight, i have to clean it right now!" and more like "man, i want my linen closet to be clean! why isn't it clean?! i'm so hot! wah!" but gaga swooped in and took over my kitchen and the babies and ordered me to bed and it was magnificent. i actually had a cup of coffee and watched regis and kelly. in peace. and truthfully they were kind of annoying but boy does kelly have some biceps! i digress. i wish i could say i am rested but i think it's kind of impossible to be rested at 38 weeks, but i feel mentally restored and ready to get this baby out! (everything is going great by the way, the good doctor thinks he's 8lbs give or TAKE a 1/2 pound). i blame the potential 8 pounder on all the amazingly delicious food we ate last week. i even got a thanksgiving dinner one night! i felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

fun in the laundry basket

what a ham hilina is. no matter where we are, what she's doing, anything, you pull out a camera these days and she's all "hey there! cheese!"

i have a bone to pick with you internets! no one warned me of this molar thing - that they could cut molars at one year and that the time it took for one tooth to break through would seem like an eternity. gaga told me that if an adult had to cut a molar we'd be like rolling on the ground banging our head on the floor. and i was pretty close to doing that just watching (hearing) saida go through it. bless her heart she was just miserable. thankfully, i was on vacation and so gaga was her distraction during the day, i just had to work nights! but gaga had to do overtime with a teething baby.
gaga had to give zerberts.

gaga had to hug her lots

and when that didn't work gaga had to hang up her upside down till the giggles escaped

we all want gaga to come back :(

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paige said...

It's so nice of cute GaGa to make housecalls. We'll expect to see her in Cowtown toward the end of August, since she's so accomodating!

Glad you had a week of back up support. Don't forget about Hyland's or Humphrey's teething tablets. Homeopathic, very soothing, available at regular drugstores. Astrid Meklit had 4.5 straight months of teething. I should own stock in Humphrey's right now!