Monday, July 28, 2008

my dog.

hound has not left my side all day. this morning the very second ben got up hound climbed up laid his butt on ben's pillow and his head on my stomach (very gently). and that's about as far away as he's wanted to get all day. every truck that's gone by he's actually gotten up and growled in the direction of the window. normally, hound can't even be bothered to lift his head at such street noise. i'm not sure what gives here. since the addition of the pancakes hound and i have sort of been at odds - me angry with him because i'm always picking his fur out of their hair, and hound, in his own way, angry with me because sometimes (only sometimes) i forget to feed him breakfast until like 12:30. i have a lot on my mind, ok? anyway, between our frustrations with each other and the heat it's unusual he would be so clingy - trying not to read too much into it, which i've obviously already done.
he thinks i am crazy.

i think he senses i am going into labor soon, and that his sudden desire to follow me everywhere has nothing to do with the bacon in my pocket.


JennK said...

I've heard that animals can feel labor coming much earlier then we can. Maybe he's telling you something!

You look beautiful and so do the girls!!

Anonymous said...

Listen to the dog!!!!!

My 2 dogs knew well before I did that I was going into labor with our twins. I was at 32 weeks and had absolutely no inclination it was happening. I couldn't figure out why they were suddenly velcro dogs attached to my legs.

I had even been to the doctor that morning and was told everything was normal and no signs of labor any time soon. The twins were born at 12:18 and 12:19am the following morning. Again...listen to the dog! They are so intuitive!

All the best!

paige said...

Listen to the Hound. Hound knows all (and if he doesn't , cuddle him for all he's worth, he won't be able to get near your lap again for a very long while).

Xander and Alana Cole Faber said...

I've heard this about dogs as well. My sister-in-law was followed around by hers all the time when she was late in her pregnancy. You're being protected!