Tuesday, July 1, 2008

h is for happy (birthday)!

we went to tom's restaurant to celebrate hilina's birthday because what do you feed pancakes on their birthday? pancakes of course! ben's birthday was today, and i think gus over at tom's gave ben the best present he never knew he wanted - he told him our children were so well behaved and well disciplined - it was music to his ears, i think he might have even blushed a little with pride.
here i am teaching hilina how to make my coffee since now that she's one she's going to have some responsibilities around here.

now tomorrow it's your turn!

we went to the park to swing because it's hilina's favorite.

roshi, themba, and little kusha flew in all the way from malawi - i wish they had been able to stay longer, but it was the best 15 hour visit ever since the kids were instantly best friends playing/stealing everything from each other. saida met her match in kusha, and i think it's really interesting how much she backed down to him - even when he stole her bottle right out of her mouth.

hilina opened her presents!

and she tried to grab the flame while we were singing her happy birthday. btw the birthday cake ben went out for on sunday? he got her a tofu cheesecake. can you see me rolling my eyes here? don't worry, i covered it in ice-cream. made with milk. and sugar.

and then it was time to get all the tofu off in the tub. these pictures will be held against them in high school for the purpose of embarrassing the heck out of them. why? because we can. kusha sat on saida just like she sits on hilina and you know, she didn't even notice. hilina's new bath toys were a hit!

3 peas in a pod/tub


perroguapo said...

man that was funny - all those slippery babies in the tub!

Jesi and Joe said...

So cute! What a fun day for the big number 1! Happy Birthday Hilina!