Saturday, October 4, 2008

beach week I

my sweet babies

mama's girl

i hate to keep belaboring this point, but last year at beach week we had NO kids. the picture on the right of us in blue? that was a year ago. do we look older? more sleep deprived? more responsible?

the whole family

guess who preferred sand to water?

ben keeps taking these birds eye view shots of me and judah, but i swear we're not always laying down

lesson on how to use a baby to conceal your muffin top

we joke about hilina being a daddy's girl but he just eats it up!

attack of the hungry seagulls

saida's first time putting her feet in the ocean! she loved it and eventually kept running into the water every time we set her down.

view from the porch


courtney rose said...

Wow! It's incredible how much can happen in a year's time. Personally I think you both look so much more content....

Gorgeous photos of you and yours!

Jesi and Joe said...

WOW! Gorgeous pictures... looks like a beautiful place! And yeah... I'd say you look wiser, for sure! ;-) You have quickly blossomed into a beautiful family!

Xander and Alana Cole Faber said...

Anna, it was so completely awesome seeing you again and FINALLY meeting your amazing kids. They are completely charming, so forgive me for saying that maybe the sleep deprivation and stress is worth it. And what great pictures! I hope to be so lucky!

Cloverland Farm said...

gosh. hilina's corn rows make her look like a little girl! wow. hope you guys are well.

Anonymous said...

I love your family. Any time you want Lucas and Tyler and I to bring you guys over dinner and play let us know... we don't live too far away so don't be strangers! -Andrea ( )

P.S. Yes, I have become a lot better at cooking... haven't burned anything in almost a year!