Thursday, October 9, 2008

beach week II

sam and judah

what do you do when there are 40mph winds outside? you play with the rafts inside

fun in the hammock

hilina's first time in the ocean

jumping over waves

the girls with their new hero, aiden

uncle sammy

these two are inseparable

"and this guy was the first guy to ever record the song i played you last night!" "really poppop?"

aiden and ivy (also known as mini ben and amanda)


listening for the ocean

aiden takes the girls for a ride in the boat

"and that song i played you last night, that guy is from richmond." "really poppop? wow!"

saida's first cinnamon danish

goo goo gaga

nightly dance party

flock of seagulls

just pitiful

me and the liny bottoms

saida trying to steal gaga's shades

too many monkeys jumping on the bed!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I am sooo incredibly jealous right now! That looks like such a wonderful time.

The rest of your family looks incredible too-- so fun and loving. You guys are so lucky.

Enjoy every minute of it. Your girls are breathtaking and your son is almost edible, he is so cute!

Kara from CT a hopeful adoptive momma also drowning in adoption paperwork!