Saturday, October 11, 2008

happy days

i've been calling judah "little j" and yes i know it's from gossip girl, the most scandalously horrible wonderful show that i love so so much. here again is my sweet little j.

molly and alana came over on monday bringing the holy gifts of doughnuts and great company. alana and her husband are adopting from ethiopia as well, and in the grueling paper chase stage. soon soon they will have their little babies to smooch.

sometimes i think you could take a picture of hilina's nostril and it would be stunning. she is simply so beautiful to me.

being a good big sister

someone got into the baby powder. it was everywhere but she was having so much fun i couldn't even get mad.


Xander and Alana Cole Faber said...

So cute! Judah was a snuggly little sweetheart. I could have held that baby for hours and hours. And Saida and Hilina are delightful. We can't wait to bring ours home! I wish we lived closer, because I totally would babysit for you anytime you needed to run out for toilet paper.

Molly S. said...

Ha ha ha! The fact that I was trying to get your children to play with a dog toy is now captured on film forever. I second everything Alana said, but I also want to give a special shoutout to Hound Dog. He did such a good job of cleaning up after lunch.

Xander Faber said...

Will the wonders of the internet never cease? My wife has blog-crossed! It's like when Batman and Robin showed up on Scooby Doo!

Hi Anna and Ben. I'm sorry we've never met before, but perhaps this can serve as my introduction. Your children are beautiful, and I look forward to meeting you and them one day.

Grandma Emmy said...


When you were two, you and your little friend, Margaret Ann Moats, emptied an entire container of baby powder in your bedroom. You were both covered in powder from head to toe ! It must be karma! I have a big smile on my face remembering how adorable you looked covered in baby powder! Hope you can always find the humor (and joy) in your babies' funny escapades!