Monday, October 13, 2008

saturday was just perfect here so we decided to picnic with the aplins and their grandma moonpie in the park. the babies were quiet and the girls were happy to be in the grass so it was a beautiful afternoon. there was even a baRack obama rally in the park with a gigantic flag for the kids to run around under and on top of. they really loved it. judah, of course, slept. i swear he isn't always asleep, but he doesn't smile at the big camera, only my camera phone which i think is because he can see his reflection in it. i'll upload the pictures from my phone soon so you can see how smiley and giggly he is. but he did sleep through the night last night - from 7pm to 6am! i hope it wasn't just a fluke. he usually wakes up around 430 to eat and go back to sleep which is great, but it would be freaking awesome if he just let go of that. Lord knows he's big enough.
Also, we dug out Saida's walker/pushing thingymabob for hilina and she used it to walk across the living room and back!!!! so crazy to see how much she has learned in just a week! she's just cruising everywhere.


hilina, a giant flag, and wind do not mix


susannah, putting the moves on judah AND playing hard to get at the same time. truly a feat for someone so young.

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Beth and Ben said...

So many things to say hell yeah to--first, yay to Judah for sleeping til 6! and you nailed it with Susannah. Sigh.