Tuesday, June 10, 2008


we got to go to chattanooga to see these two lovebirds get married. and it was fantastic. except saida pooped on me. but that doesn't have anything to do with john and kristine. unless they told her to poop on me which sounds like something john might do. it was a beautiful wedding, truly beautiful. this is a picture of them rehearsing their vows.

we had this taken at the brunch for out of towners up on lookout mountain, across the street from where ben and i first met 7 years ago. THAT blows my mind.
the girls played in the grass

i got to see this little guy be born back in november, he's the one responsible for saida learning how to crawl. here they are tearing it up.

we got a babysitter one night so the grownups could go out SANS KIDDOS. needless to say the next morning we had to go out for breakfast too, no one could deal. we got all 5 kids (under 3) dressed and out the door by 8AM and somehow it all went off without a hitch. the girls had their first croissant!
they got to go down a slide for the first time, too.

i think by the end we'd all gone a little loopy. brommy couldn't stop hugging, hilina couldn't stop yawning...

the watchdog got a little delirious with laughing...

and saida flat out lost her mind.


paige said...

These pictures are so adorable. Your girlies are almost as cute as the one I see daily!

And, I would have noticed your haircut, but I would also notice 3 other things about you, cause I'm crazy like that! Your hair looks super cute!

courtney rose said...

Fantastic picture story!

It must have felt amazing staring right at the place where your love story began, only now holding two little one's with the third on the way. Beautiful, beautiful!