Monday, June 9, 2008


heat and pregnancy can cause rash behavior. internet, i cut 14 inches off my hair this weekend.
it's not as angled as it looks in the picture, i like it. i thought it would look SO much different with all that hair gone. but you know, not ONE person even noticed yesterday. not one. eh.

all this waiting is driving me batty. hopefully we will hear something about hilina today.

here are some older photos from our time in raleigh a few weeks ago:
it's already hard for me to remember when saida couldn't crawl, but here she is trying to drag herself across ash's deck.

hilina with her cousins. peyton was mediating; we're not sure why.

sean and i had all the kids on the way to graduation and you better believe knoxville was not ready to see a family such as ours. here sean and i are, with the blondies and my girls and lucas and i'm all pregnant, waddling and pushing the stroller. we got some priceless looks.

we have ourselves a water baby. we couldn't get her out of the pool. she LOVES it. in fact, i kinda wish she had a little more fear but she was even putting her head under and laughing!

bonding time between the oldest and youngest members of the BHC or "big head club" for those of you not familiar.

if god truly loves me, benny is NOT going to be a member of this club.


Anonymous said...

Just keep repeating my delivery prayer....Please God, let it be small and shaped like a bullet. You have to say it at least once a day. It has a 50% success Peyton was tee tiny when she was born. The other 50%? We call her Grayson...charter member of the BHC (sigh).

Cloverland Farm said...

cute hair. hang in there. love seeing the pics. once things settle down y'all should come over and we'll play in the backyard/baby pool.

Beth and Ben said...

that is a good delivery is the f-bomb. love the picture of Saida in the pool.

courtney rose said...

I appreciate the comment, "shaped like a bullet!"

Here's my doula talk- "remember that this little one was made to make his premier in a gentle, slow manner. And that pain? There's a point to it- you aren't sick- you're delivering a baby. And you'll do an amazing job at it. You're strong, you're meant to do this. It will be incredible."

Hmmm. I usually give this schpeel with folks I know and with whom I can hold their hand. And they know I'm not being patronizing or condescending or any of those things. Heck. Just ignore everything I wrote and go do what you need to do.