Wednesday, June 11, 2008

hilina update - or lack of update, yet again, sorta

after busting some chops over at mt. sinai yesterday, hilina's MRI film arrived at our neurologist's office this morning. however, they will only tell us the results in an in-person visit. i'm assuming this is standard operating procedures, right? at any rate, our appointment with them is this friday at 11:30am. so at least we now have a date where we'll finally know something, even if it's kind of scary and very final sounding. we'll keep everyone posted.

we've really appreciated your support this past couple of weeks.


Becky Eveleth said...

I found your blog probably four months ago and have enjoyed your posts tremendously. I was googling Ethiopian adoption and found you somehow. We also used Dove and arrived home April 1st with our little girl. So...our girls were together at Toukoul. Pretty fun!! I am waiting with much anticipation and hoping for good test results for your little girl. How scary! When everything calms down for you I will try to contact you via email. By the way, your little girls are beautiful and so blessed to have you.


paige said...


I'm looking forward to the good news you'll share on Friday.

marshall&emily said...

Hilina is blessed to have you. I'm glad you will know something by this Friday. That little Saida is hysterical- I just love her vivacious spirit. She doesn't do anything half-way, does she? How cool that you got two girls with such diverse personalities! I love to watch from afar via your blog.

courtney rose said...

Sending you and yours all sorts of positive vibes. Good luck tomorrow!

Jesi and Joe said...

I'm sure that's the normal thing to want to go over results in person as there's probably lots to talk about and many questions to answer. I know it's so hard to wait for answers, but at least it's only a day away now!

Good luck and hang in there! Big hugs to you all!

Jennifer & Ty said...

My thoughts are with you...hope all is well!