Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a couple videos

my family keeps asking for a video of saida crawling... this is a few weeks ago, sorry. she is SO fast but it's easier than i thought because i only have to carry hilina now and call saida. and if i have food in my hand she comes pretty quickly. i think she gets it from hound. she "cruises" all over the furniture and ben told me this morning that he walks her with one hand from the couch to the changing table every morning. to which i said "STOP! I'M NOT READY! SHE CAN'T WALK YET, SHE'S JUST A BABY! NOOOOOOOOO!" she'll be walking in no time, i'm afraid. at least then she can go to the corner store and get mommy some more ice cream.

hilina had a really big milestone last week that we are so excited about. she can now sit up on her own! she's been sitting for months now but has never been able to get herself into that position until last week. she is unbelievably excited and will now scoot in the sitting position to get things that have rolled out of her reach. it's like learning this one thing opened up a whole new world for her because now she just goes after what she wants. before she would sort of give up, but now she will lay down, roll over to it and then sit back up. she is also, as you can see in the video, starting to make motions to army crawl. we have a new pt who started monday and i think he's really going to help her make some serious improvements.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about visiting....I can't wait to play with them all day...xoxo

Jesi and Joe said...

So cute! They both look awesome, and I love Hilina's little army crawl!

Anonymous said...

How great is that - Hilina is really moving! I showed this video clip to our pediatrician and PT and they were both excited about her recent progress. Also, Ginny said that you can make a temporary splint from bandage wrap until the one that has been ordered arrives. She said your PT or OT could show you how to wrap it in the correct position. Mama