Friday, June 27, 2008


we had such a great week here and i just don't have the photos that show it, sadly. on monday bearden and laura came over for the afternoon, tuesday we hung out with christel and geneva, wednesday beth & little snoozannah aplin came over (man is she one cute little girl - here are some pictures of her when she was just 8 days old, ben totally freaked and had to hand her back because she seemed so breakable compared to our beasts, er, babies...i have to say, i cannot believe we're going to have something so small and fragile in just a little over a month).

yesterday i had an ob appt. everything is looking good. he's measuring 3 weeks ahead now, so here's keeping our fingers crossed he stays inside as long as possible. as i get bigger and more uncomfortable, i can see how pregnant women are "done" and want to hurry up and deliver. but the way we figure, as long as he's inside, no matter how uncomfortable it might be, we still get to sleep through the night!
today was another fun day, and one i actually remembered to take some photos of so once i get them uploaded i'll tell you all about it.
here are the few pictures i did get of them this week.

i know, that's it? i told you i was a lame-o.


Beth and Ben said...

don't worry, they get more beastly every week! susannah almost bit my nipple off the other day and she's not even close to having teeth... xo

paige said...

Oy, be quiet! Pictures of your beautiful babes (and someone else's beautiful babe) are NEVER boring!!!
Glad there were people around to keep you entertained.

Jesi and Joe said...

Whoa... three weeks ahead and you're "due" in a little over a month?! Better get his crib ready to go! Sounds like he could be making his entrance a bit early! ;-)

Love the pictures... the girls are gorgeous, as always!

Xander and Alana Cole Faber said...

Ok, I was stunned for about 1/2 a second when I looked at the blog and saw you and Ben holding a teeny-tiny baby. I thought, "Isn't it a bit early???" And then I noticed that the baby was really cute and not at all squished and purple like it should be had you delivered early. Here's hoping Benny stays put for another month!