Thursday, June 19, 2008

photos from father's day

we celebrated at coney island with the kirbies, stampers and ms. farron
the girls saw the ocean and sand for the first time.

we rode the wonder wheel

we had some red food coloring (i mean how freaking cute is this kid, and he's like 10 feet tall now, it's crazy).

we heard something scandalous it seems

we walked up to the board walk to take one last look at the ocean

and then the fog rolled in

by the end of the day we were all pretty sleepy


Anonymous said...

Your family is beautiful. Someday you are going to be able to write the most amazing book! We are just in awe of you. It is evident from your pictures that you have brought so much joy to these precious girls and they to you. They are also going to make wonderful "Big" sisters soon.
All the best! Jackie T.

Jesi and Joe said...

Cute, cute, cute! Love the pictures, you all look fabulous! I can't believe how much energy you have at this point with two growing girls AND being pregnant! Now I'm thinking I'm pretty pathetic... you go girl! Glad it was a wonderful Father's Day! (What is the wonder wheel?? Is it a Ferris wheel?)

Anne Aker said...

Anna and Ben,
I love the pictures and your good news. Congrats Ben and happy apartment hunting. I'm keeping up with all your news on the blog.
Love to all five,

beards said...

see yall monday at 1!
laura and bearden

that girl said...

Cute! I found your blog from Habesha... We have two Chinese children and two bio children, and I'm looking into Ethiopia. Your babies are beauties!