Sunday, August 10, 2008

guest blogger (also known as husband; also known as bat nuts space cadet...)

after arriving home from taking anna's mom to meet judah for the first time yesterday, i offered to grab emily a soda from the corner store since i had to walk the dog anyway. we got home, by the way, all ripe for a nap. so i put the girls down and then took hound out before crashing.

i walked to get the soda at the corner store and then walked back to my street, happy to run into some inquisitive neighbors. i told them all about how anna was doing, what labor was like, how amazing it was to see something for the first time that somehow came from you and how you somehow oddly recognized it, and ultimately how my first diaper change took more wipes than my first one with hilina did when i actually took a pair of scissors and cut her outfit off of her. ah, those were the days. two sweet girls in a far away country crapping their brains out from their bottoms to their hair.

anyway. so after telling this to my neighbors for about 20 minutes, i walked up the stairs to our apartment and was about to turn the door before uttering *&%#! HOUND DOG!

yes. in my post i-have-the-most-beautiful-son-ever-is-this-for-real-because-if-this-isn't-for-real
-and-i-am-dreaming-then-i-hate-all-dreams stupor, i apparently bought that soda, walked right by my dog and proceeded home without him. needless to say, i hurried back the two blocks and found him still tied to the bus stop pole, sitting down, looking at me like a crazy man with three, virtually, brand new kids.

today at the hospital:

a son is born

annabeth & judahgoodness

post-circumcision (i was so there for you...)

mom & 3 kids & a load of sterile objects for saida to play with

hilina attacked by the nursing cover!


Deb, Russ, Lily and Lucy said...

Ben will get better I PROMISE. You have a beautiful family and God has blessed you. I love you all-

clairesd said...

try not to leave the baby tied up outside the store. i mean, try to remember not to tie the baby up outside the store.
congratulations. try to get some sleep. :)

paige said...

Congratulations to you lovely five (and Hound, of course)!

Kiko said...

Man oh man! So excited for you all! Congrats and many prayers. Thanks for the pictures - now I just want to see him in person! So, when you coming to Chatty?

Christine C. said...

Anna looks beautiful and so do the girls! Judah is adorable- I'm so happy he's finally arrived. Congratulations you guys!!

Becki said...

Congratulations, Ben! Way to go, Anna! Poor Hound Dog!

Jennifer and Ty said...

That has to be the best story I have heard in a long time. Bless you...

Tricia said...

And so begins life with three children...;)

Brenda said...

My Goodness. Now wonder Anna has not posted. This is Brenda from the Yahoo Adoption Group. We brought my daughter home a little after you guys did. Anna was so nice with referring me to a travel agent. I thought of you guys often!!!! Please have Anna email me when she get settled. I would love to catch up and met the girls. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Brenda -

bethany weaver said...

Thanks for posting photos! You guys are beautiful & Congratulations! Welcome, Judah..

Lots of love..

Molly S. said...

So many congratulations to all of you! I know that everyone has already said it, but I have to say it myself: you have such an amazingly beautiful family. Anna, it's at least a year since I've seen you, and now you have 3 babies! I'm still in Brooklyn, so let me know if you ever need any help with hound-walking or the like--you can find me at

Mike & Jo said...

I had to slice our 15 month old out of his outfit today due to an "explosion" in a public place so had quite a laugh when reading about your experience - thanks for the giggles.

You all look absolutely gorgeous, congratulations to your family and if/when you're ready to escape Brooklyn for a day or night you're always welcome at ours upstate. The girls can free-range with Ashton in the yard while we all ooh and ahh over the newbie!

Lynnsie said...

Congratulations Ben and Anna! (In case you don't remember me, you met me at Mr. Martin's Cozy). I check in your blog every so often. It is nice to see the both of you so happy. The girls are beautiful, and your boy is breathtaking.