Saturday, August 16, 2008

little girls

people warned me before judah was born that hilina and saida would seem SO BIG to me once he was born, and they weren't lying! like the other night, saida had seen me nursing judah and so when i finished she crawled over to me and handed me her bottle to feed her too. (i've heard this kind of regression is typical). anyway, i had ben put her on the boppy for me and i mean, i felt like she should be starting kindergarten the next day she was just SO BIG! they are doing pretty great, considering. it's hard for me more than them because i just miss them so much - playing with them and making them laugh and snuggling them. i keep sneaking in their room after they go to bed and holding their hands through the slats in their crib. they've been so loved on by friends and family. my mom was here for a week taking care of them and it really couldn't have gone more smoothly. my mom was an elementary school teacher when we were kids before going back to school to get her phD in child psychology. she works for early intervention in north carolina, so really, she is like the most qualified babysitter EVER for hilina and she's FREE. plus she has equal parts of patience and fun ideas to do with the girls so that they passed their days happy as clams. it was pretty cool actually because by the end of the week they had really attached to her. they love everyone they meet pretty much but besides ben and i, have never really cried when someone else left the room, or reached out for someone to hold them if they had the option of being held by one of us, or let out their happy screeches when someone came in the room, and they did all those things for my mama. makes me happy. also made me cry a lot when she left. i guess even when you're a mama yourself there are times in life when you still want your own!

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John & Kelley said...

"when you're a mama yourself there are times in life when you still want your own"

You said it, girl! I've cried for my mama many times in the nearly four years since my first daughter was born. Like yours, she is so very helpful with my children. Even so, I don't feel like I get enough time with her myself. There are definitely moments when I want Mama for me, not for my girls!