Wednesday, August 13, 2008

judah leaves the hospital

we are so happy to be home. especially me. but i think judah is too. our first night was great now that we are really getting the hang of eating. he wakes up like hey i'm hungry and i'm like hey i got LOTS of milk, let's hang out for a bit and finally getting is GOOD. in general he's just a sleepy sweet little pooping machine and i am totally in love with him. and he was so kind as to come out with his dad's lovely fingers and long long monkey toes. we still can't decide who he looks like, he's going to change so much anyway, but we're leaning towards PopPop.

leaving the hosptial!!! whooo-hooooo!!!

look! a waterfall on the east river from the cab ride home (he was unimpressed)

going home!(ready for lunch!)

afternoon catnap

evening with sisters and grandma emmy

jerah came over for some baby smooching

first morning at home, two sleepy heads. ben says judah sleeps like me but i don't know how i sleep because, um, i'm sleeping when i do that.


Jesi and Joe said...

Yeah! Welcome home! You all look great! Love the photo of the sleepy heads. So cute!

Xander and Alana Cole Faber said...

Boy are you in trouble! It looks like Judah has already got the pouty lip DOWN! I wonder if you'll ever be able to say "no" again . . . .

courtney rose said...

I was going to say the afternoon catnap picture was my favorite- but how can you beat the one of you on the front stoop?! You crack me up....

Soooo- how was labor?

Mary said...

Absolutely Precious!! Welcome, Little Judah! We are so happy for you all. If I were anywhere near I'd be coming over for some newborn cuddling. I love the floppy sack-of- rice stage when they just conform to your contours. Thanks for sharing pictures and progress. May God bless you with good sleep!