Sunday, August 24, 2008

sisters. and how much they rule.

over the past 9 days, we've had the amazing fortune of having our sisters visit us in brooklyn. they didn't come here to see famous people, they didn't come here for hot nights out on the town (although ben's sister did in fact have one of those in williamsburg and kept asking me why an elderly woman dressed in leopard print would go on stage and play a trombone at a bar and, well, kind of take herself seriously, at which point i tried to tell her all about what a hipster was and then she said it was just too much for her. i think i had her at goodbye with ankle-tight jeans), nor did they come for grass-fed only organic ice cream or the panic-attack-from-hell-which-is-times-square. no, they came to clean my fridge out, throw away the entire contents of my closets, and clean up after my jealous, diarrhea-striken dog. god bless you two. all that other crap is so overrated.

hi guys! it's amanda. love you and all, but your apartment smells like a church nursery. forty love!

stoop sitting with bff's. after this, saida climbed all the stairs as ashley calmly guided her and tried her best not to freak her shiznay.

said night out, (pre-game)

i had to

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courtney rose said...

Sisters are awesome. And so is Brooklyn (although I've never been there... but I thought it looked way cooler than Manhattan during my Sex and the City days)....

Oh- and poor Hound Dog. I hope his transition time comes to a close soon and then it's bound to be pure, fantastic bliss.