Wednesday, August 20, 2008

saida walks!

my girls are getting so big! i've been trying to get this video of saida walking for a few weeks now, but she'd still rather crawl than walk (she's so fast on fours) but we finally got it on sunday. and hilina is speaking her own brand of ewok that i can't seem to get on video either but i will keep trying because it's hilarious. especially when she gets mad and babbles her frustration complete with fist pumping.

afternoon with 3 babies. from Anna Thomas on Vimeo.


Shiri said...

Anna and Ben, you have such a beautiful and joyous little family! (well, big little family!) Congrats again :)

Kiko said...

Stop showing cute baby pictures and videos! It's making me want some too.

PS - they are so cute. and i love you all.

Beth and Ben said...

i want to see what happens at the end! love this video and your trio of munchkins. beth

cat collier said...

i love love love love your videos! really i do because they are wonderful and hilarious, thanks ben and anna and pancakes and judah!

Anonymous said...

How freaking cute is that? I wanna come over!!!